How to hire a caterer you can depend on

Miami caterersYou are due for an upcoming Halloween party in about two months and since your guest list is filled with too many people, you realize you’re not able to handle everything. There is way too much on your plate. The best thing to do is hire a caterer that you can depend on in order to make your job easier. Now you can concentrate on the Halloween decorations at the hall you are renting, and also costumes for the theater play. By hiring a caterer you can rely on, it will really help. All you need to do is look up a few creepy Halloween recipes online and give this to the caterer. What the caterer will do is make the recipe in advance ( a small portion for taste-testing, of course) and you’ll be invited to the shop once they are finished with the recipe. Decide if you like the recipe or not. It’s always best to have them cook three different recipes and you can pick the one you like best or even two of them that you want to serve at the party.

In order to hire a caterer that you can depend on, look for someone who is highly organized. Do they carry a full binder with them, along with a list of contacts? Be aware of people who only carry a simple piece of paper and scribble on it quickly. These individuals are not usually organized and by just placing the paper in the back of the car, they’ll easily lose it. Does your potential caterer dress neat and have acceptable hygiene? This is another sign that they can be depended on. A caterer wearing a casual businesses outfit is more likely to fit your requirements than someone who just dragged themselves out of bed with bed-head hair and jumped in the car to get to your house.


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